If you have seen my tumblelog then you will know that I have been learning to bake bread at home. I was first inspired by this article when it came up on del.icio.us a few weeks ago. Just this week another article came up on del.icio.us, this time it was the no-knead bread recipe. Naturally, I was intriqued. Not because the recipe is easier to do, but because the results were so much better than what you typically get at home. Well, after many hours of waiting, the results are indeed spectacular. The bread is delicious and moist, and the crust is crunchy but not tough. Truly remarkable, considering how little effort goes into the process. Now the only problem is I need to find a new use for the mixer we bought two weeks ago.

In related news, I baked these chocolate bouchons. I used the recipe from the children’s cookbook, What’s Cooking?, but the one on the web is exactly the same. To say that these fancy little brownies are rich is like saying the Sun is warm. I took my first batch into the office for my friends to try. Shannon, our resident foodie, liked them so much she ate two. Actually, she inhaled them. While the four of us were talking, they just disappeared. I’m assuming she didn’t just stuff them into her backpack. But honestly, they are quite easy to eat, like potato chips – you don’t want to stop at just one. And of course, Baby really likes them.

This past week I ran out of the Doge Nero beans from Caffe del Doge, so I had to buy a bag of Peet’s Espresso Forte. I used to think Peet’s coffee was quite good, until I had the Doge Nero. The difference is astounding. The Espresso Forte is thin and just a little too bitter compared to the Dogo Nero, which is rich and full-bodied. And the Doge Nero produces a nice crema, although it is short-lived. Now if they would just get more beans then I could buy another bag, but they aren’t expecting the next shipment until next week. Oh, the suffering I must endure.

All of this made me realize something. I’m turning into a foodie. Even Shannon labeled me a “budding foodie” earlier this week. What that means, I’m not entirely sure, but I think it means we’ll be spending more money on kitchen accessories, and spending more time using them. My wife says our interests are evolving. Curious, I hadn’t really thought of it that way, but she’s right.

Well, I’m off to make another loaf of the no-knead bread. Most of it disappeared during the Thanksgiving dinner tonight, and I can’t face another morning without this bread. If you like baking, and you have not yet tried this bread, I highly recommend doing so immediately. It’s worth far more than the trivial effort you will put into it.