I’ve been using the PowerBook G4 for a few days now and the only thing I’ve found that it can’t do is run Adobe Captivate. Otherwise, it can play videos, run Quicken and TaxCut, run anything that can be compiled on Unix, and is easy to use, too. Basically it takes the best of Windows and the power of Unix and puts them together in one system. Once I have a look at my financial situation, I’ll be visiting the Apple store and contemplating buying a MacBook Pro 17”. That’s one sweet system, more than double the power and RAM (and 4 times the disk space) of my current Dell Inspiron. That machine is only two years old and the best I could hope to get for it on eBay is around $400. It’s almost pointless to sell it in that case, so I’ll probably give it to my father-in-law. He needs a computer that works properly, and what he’s got now is a poorly configured Frankenstein box.

This all brings up an interesting point: I can now safely avoid ever getting Windows Vista. Hurray! I had assumed it would be impossible to avoid, given that I run Quicken and TaxCut. But, it turns out there are Mac versions for both of those programs. Those were my only reasons for running Windows. And now there are none! Thank you, Apple. You’ve saved me from seeing a bad Vista.