I just watched the most awesome commercial I’ve ever seen. It came to me via TiVo, in that special features section. It started as a teaser, just a minute or so in length. There was an option to record the “full documentary” version, which was showing on CMT at 3:30 in the morning. Seeing as how I love cars and racing, I didn’t hestitate to set up the recording.

Wow, it was fantastic. It actually was a real documentary, all about the Nurburgring race track in Germany. Naturally the sponsor made a few, subtle plugs along the way. In fact, the half hour program was sandwiched between a set of regular commercials, each about 20-30 seconds in length. Did I mind? Not at all, I think it set the mood nicely. After all, BMW commercials have never left me disappointed. Have you ever seen a great Toyota commercial? Me neither. A bad BMW commercial? Never. This one was the grand daddy of awesome commercials. What was especially exciting for me is that I am quite familiar with “The Ring” having driven it many times in the racing game (sorry, I meant simulator) Gran Turismo 4. It was like I was playing the game again, only the coloring and textures were much better.

Even more amazing, this commercial, if you can call it that, was the most effective I’ve ever seen. I am now convinced my next car is going to be a BMW. Not the X5, which is what they were promoting in the program, but something more like an M3. Of course, I’d love to have an M6. Hans Stuck took the M6 for a drive on the Autobahn and reached nearly 200mph. Yeah. 500 HP engine, 7 speed transmission, F1-style paddle shifters—lovely. Even my wife was sold, not on the M6 per se, but that BMW would make a nice choice for her next car. I couldn’t agree more.