So the furnace has been installed and our entire house is warm. It is still hard to get used to, even after a week of living with the comfort of warm air in every room. The room I always expected to be cold is now as warm as every other room. It’s like having a new house, it makes that much difference. I’m looking forward to the cost savings for the next year, too. We ended up purchasing the highest efficiency furnace we could get, the Amana 96.6% AFUE unit. It comes with a variable speed fan, which qualifies us for an additional rebate. I guess the more you spend, the more you save, at least when it comes to furnaces. Oh, and Haddon did a perfect job with the installation. Very nice work, and they were done in three days. My only regret is that we didn’t do this sooner.

Update: It took considerably longer than I would have liked, but we finally got the furnace installation to pass inspection in the summer of 2007. One folly after another caused this significant delay, including a leaking connection in the gas supply. But, the Haddon folks had the persistence to see it to the end, and for that I am thankful.