About two weeks ago, I replaced the two compost bins (something called Garden Gourmet by Sceptre) with a new one from Tilterator. This new compost bin is all around very nice. It is sturdy, stays clean, and is very easy to assemble and use. With the old ones, they were a pain to assemble (and eventually disassemble) and turning the compost was even more troublesome. With the Tilterator I just take off the sides, roll it over, and put the sides back on again (you have to see the web site to understand). It really couldn’t be any easier. And the Tilterator looks good, too, very clean and well-designed. While it was a bit expensive, it was worth it to make composting easy again.

Update: A year on, and I’m still turning the compost every week. And we’ve had amazing results, too. I’ve been able to use the compost to fertilize our planting bed, and mulch around some of the plants in the backyard. It’s a turning out to be a great way to recycle the plant debris.