I may have mentioned my dental experiences of the past few months. Well, to recap, I had gone from a place close to home to one a little further away, thinking that because of their experience, they would be able to properly cement the veneers on my front teeth. Turned out that the best solution was to get crowns. So, I shelled out big bucks to get two crowns. That was over a year ago. More recently, this orthodontist-turned-dentist said I had seven cavities. Before I could get a second opinion, three of them were filled. I then determined that I would cancel further appointments until I had a chance to visit my old dentist again.

Naturally, he didn’t find any cavities.

His explanation is that perhaps the orthodontist mistook the tea/coffee stains on my teeth for cavities, and was more agressive in treating them. Yeah right, more likely she needed money and took an easy opportunity.

Anyway, I won’t be going back to the orthodontist. A conservative dentist is worth their weight in gold. Nonetheless, one of the crowns, which never fit quite right, has caused a true cavity and is irritating my gums. So that crown is gone and a new one is being made this week. This dentist is conservative, but he has my best interest at heart, and he’s going to put in the extra effort to make sure the work he does stands the test of time. It also helps that I feel I can trust him. That was always a problem with the orthodontist. It stemmed from her not trusting me. Distrust breeds distrust, and that’s not a good situation to be in with your medical provider.

My advice to you—if the question of performing dental work comes up, and it is not medically necessary, then don’t do it. If I had just left my front teeth as they were, with their slight gap, I would never have had any of this trouble,and I would be thousands of dollars richer.