A couple of weeks ago Sun was about to announce the development of Project Blackbox so I invited my wife over for lunch and a chance to see the data-center-in-a-box. Naturally she brought BabyCakes with her, and as usual we had lunch with the group in the cafeteria. We then headed over to the area where it appeared that the shipping container was residing, and listened to the brief announcement. We wanted to get a closer look at the thing, but the news correspondents had first dibs on it, so we ended up leaving. Oddly enough, Jonathan Schwartz was leaving as well, talking with some business-type person. They were passing us and Jonathan saw BabyCakes and gave her a little tickle on the tummy. He asked how old she was (1 year) and said everything gets better going forward. He also added that we’ll get more sleep, too, as she gets older, as he pointed to the area just below his eyes. Hmm, is it really that obvious that we don’t get enough sleep? Okay, I admit I sleep about 6 hours or less each night, but it has little to do with our baby and everything to do with the fact that I have too much stuff that I want to take care of.

For instance, I just finished upgrading the server to an AMD Opteron 2Ghz CPU and a RAID 5 array (three disks with one hot spare). It was quite a major feat because I was attempting to keep my web site running the entire time. Obviously I had to use another machine for that (my laptop), but still, juggling back and forth was time-consuming. Not only was the hardware improving, but the operating system was being updated as well (from Fedora Core 4 to 6). After about two weeks, one of which was spent waiting for NewEgg to replace one of the disks they sent (it was broken on arrival), the server is finally back online again.

Anyway, so that was BabyCake’s brush with high-tech—she was tickled by the CEO of a major computer technology corporation. Maybe this means she’s destined for success in high-tech. Hmm. Well, my mom did shake hands with John F. Kennedy once, but that didn’t get her involved with politics. So, maybe not such a big deal. But I was grinning for the rest of that day, I’ll say that.