Our baby has been babbling for the last few months now. The only recognizable sounds are things like “mama” and “dada”, but even then we are not sure she means “mommy” and “daddy”. When she’s actively babbling, it truly is babble—incomprehensible gibberish. So, it is safe to say that baby is not using any words as yet.

That is until this past weekend. She has learned to say “uh oh”. As with many babies, Christina drops things. She drops things often, and repeatedly. Lately my wife has been saying “uh oh” when this happens. Well, it didn’t take baby long to learn to say it herself. She started with “uh uh”, and sometimes “oh oh”. Now she’s really got it, an unmistakable “uh oh”, with each toss and release of a toy or piece of food.

It’s times like these where I feel very proud to be a father. There’s no greater joy that I have found than raising a child. Obviously it comes with a cost in terms of time and resources, but the payoff is simply unbeatable.