As of today, I’ve had it with Starbucks. I’ve used up the last of my Starbucks card and had the most disappointing iced caffe mocha yet. Normally Starbucks is simply filling a need, it is by no means my preferred drink. Their iced mochas are simply too sweet, and taste nothing like an actual coffee. Usually the amount of chocolate in the drink is bearable, but for the last two weeks, it’s gotten progressively worse. And this is not just one Starbucks, but both of the stores that I regularly frequent. Today was the worst. I estimate that there was about 5 to 6 tablespoons of chocolate on the bottom of the cup. Absolutely absurd.

Now Peet’s, on the other hand, actually tastes like coffee — it’s not sweet and it has a pleasingly bitter flavor. What’s more, the coffee itself is really quite enjoyable. I think they vary the brew from day to day, even for the iced mochas, and so it is a real pleasure to try them as often as I can. Unfortunately, Peet’s is so far away from both my home and office. In each case, the closest store is 5 miles away. Compare that to Starbucks — there are 3 within one mile of our home. Too bad their drinks don’t taste like coffee.

So, that’s it for me and Starsucks. I’m through with them. No more.