Our kitchen is nearly at a point where it is usable again. The counter top has been installed and I just finished hooking up the sink and garbage disposal. Just need one more piece to complete the drain pipes, but otherwise it is functional. Halleluah! No more washing dishes in the little bathroom sink. No more walking from the kitchen to the bathroom and back again, just to get water. Finally we can use the kitchen like we used to.

All that’s left now is: 1) finish patching the ceiling, 2) buy a range hood, 3) buy a cooking range, 4) install final cover panels for the wall cabinets, and 5) buy a refrigerator. While that seems like a lot, that is just the final touches on what has been a very long and tiring effort. Not to mention stressful. While the results are worthwhile, I will probably give future kitchen remodeling a second thought before proceeding.