so said the monkey, with his long tail laid upon the tracks, and a train whistle blowing in the background.

Our kitchen counter top is finally ready and will be installed on Tuesday. It’s been two weeks since they made the template. And from that you can guess that I finished installing the new kitchen cabinets the day or two before that. In fact, I spent the entire Labor Day weekend assembling the cabinets. I did it all by myself, except for one wall cabinet, a giant thing that weighed too much and was too big to handle while standing on a ladder.

It’s been a stressful time, putting up without a counter top and kitchen sink. Cabinets are fine, but you really need a food preparation area to cook properly. For the last week or so we’ve been grilling everything outside. That works out pretty well, but washing the dishes in the bathroom sink is simply too annoying to put up with for much longer. The most stressful part for me has been installing the dishwasher. I had to read up on basic plumbing and buy lots of little parts to put it all together. I went to the various home improvement stores at least 6 times in three days. When it finally came time to turn on the machine and test it, I was scared. I worried about water leaks. I worried about the electrical supply line that I rigged to power the beautiful beast of burden. But, alas, I bit the bullet and turned it on. Sure, the water supply line had a couple of leaks, and I gave the fittings a couple more turns and everything has been splendid since. Having a dishwasher is fantastic. It’s cut my washing time in half.

Too bad it took a complete kitchen remodel for me to realize I needed a dishwasher. Oh well, at least now we’ll have a beautiful new kitchen. The floor tile looks terrific. The cabinets look outstanding. Can’t wait for the cooking range…