So the hot weather is gone, just as quickly as it arrived. We survived an 11 day heat wave and now it’s barely 75 during the day, and below 60 at night. I ordered the Tamarack Ghost “whole house fan” but its on back order. Hardly matters since we won’t be needing it for a while. Still, those Indian summers are coming in a couple of months.

Just saw a very entertaining Indian movie today (my first Bollywood film) called Lagaan. It was actually quite educational as well. I learned more about cricket while watching this film than I have in my entire life (and I’ve played cricket, but just the one time at a picnic). But honestly, everything about the film was very well done, from the acting to the cinematography to the writing. Really worth watching, I highly recommend it for anyone with 4 hours to kill. Yes, it’s long, but you won’t notice, it’s that good.

Regarding the kitchen upgrade, we’ve got primer on the walls. Painting will happen this weekend, and finally we can proceed with the flooring. Just need to find a reputable installer who is available this month. And finally, when that’s done we can order the cabinets and counter-top. I’m really looking forward to it, I miss having a kitchen. At frist you mind that the sink is gone, and that you can’t cook anymore, but then you develop a routine that is working for you. Then, eventually, you think to yourself, “I remember when we could cook dinner and spend time talking about the day. I miss my kitchen.” That’s where we’re at right now.