Today I finished tearing out the old kitchen cabinets. It is fairly clear where the original cabinets were and where the more recent additions were attached. I think we can know that a previous owner, named Gregory, did the work, since his last name was on the underside of the counter top. The new counter top was deeper than the original, so the cabinets had to be “extended” a couple of inches to accomodate a new, larger sink. It appears to have been done rather poorly, but it was functional, if nothing else.

Beneath the kitchen cabinet was a two-generation old mouse nest, but no mouse. There was a hole in the bottom of the cabinet, that was covered with a piece of tin. Since I was removing all of the nails and screws, I removed the tin as well. On the underside of the tin was a product label. Apparently the tin came from the side of a large can. It was for a fluid called “Olympia Beer – Tumwater.” It had “purity” and other desirable attributes, but the message was incomplete due to rust and tarnish. My father says he found similar items at the old house in Pennsylvania. It’s interesting living in an old house, there’s history embedded within the house itself. Ours is not a very old house, so the history is not rich enough to be interesting, but I’ll take the odd piece of tin from time to time.