In preparation for the plumbing overhaul, I started tearing out the old kitchen cabinets. It seems that they were the originals, as the walls behind them are completely bare, with no paint at all. It’s kind of a shame, but I simply remind myself of how awful they are and I stop worrying about it. The tricky part now is to find a way to get the frames off of the wall. I’ve got the doors and drawers out, but the shelves are nailed in solid, and the frame is nailed to the wall. I don’t want to pry the whole thing off at once as I’ll probably die when it falls on me. I think I found a way, though, by attacking it at its weak point. The cabinet above the cooking range was made later and in the only way they could manage. That means it had to be easy for them to insert it into place, which implies I can take it out almost as easily. First the shelves can be lifted out (hurray!), and then I can whack the ends off, which will allow me to proceed down the line, hammering off ends and prying the shelves out.

Antonia had a medical scan today which involved getting an injection to improve the image contrast. Now she can’t feed the baby for the next two days. Talk about a nightmare. The baby is confused and upset and there’s not much we can do but hope she’ll take the frozen milk from a bottle. So far it isn’t working out too well. I’m thinking we should just put the milk in her mouth with an eye dropper, so she has little choice but to swallow it.

That reminds me of a rabbit I once had a long time ago. I think I might have been 10 at the time. There was one surviving baby rabbit in a hole in the yard, whose siblings had either been mauled by the lawn mower, or half-eaten by the cat. My mom and I adopted him and fed him milk with an eye dropper. Amazingly he survived and grew bigger over the next couple months. We eventually decided he could make it on his own, so we set him up in a nice wooded area at the far end of town, basically in the middle of nowhere. His name was Sweetums, my mom’s idea, of course. I would have probably called him “Bunny.”