I mentioned in my first entry that we bought a new bed from Ikea that is lower, to prevent our baby from hurting herself if/when she rolls off of the bed. Prior to this purchase, we had a standard height bed (also from Ikea) with a boxspring and matress. This in itself was fine except that we co-sleep with our baby (i.e. she doesn’t sleep in her crib), and twice now she’s managed to roll off the bed and fall onto the floor. Fortunately, she hasn’t hurt herself, but we weren’t going to take any chances, so we went shopping at Ikea for something more suitable. We found the Malm bed, which is nearly the lowest bed they have, and we ditched the box spring (which, btw, the Salvation Army wouldn’t take, because even economically-challenged people want to have the matching mattress). Now our baby can actually climb down from the bed safely, which is perfect. Granted, it takes a little getting used to with getting in and out of bed, but it’s worth the piece of mind.

Speaking of baby, she’s just started saying what must be her first word—“mama”. It’s unclear if she thinks this means Mommy or if she means “I’m hungry, mommy” but I think she means the former. My wife uses the phrase “Munch, munch” to refer to feeding the baby, so maybe the “mama” refers to that. In any case, she is clearly speaking a word in specific situations, which is a significant milestone.