I was standing in front of the dentist’s office yesterday morning for my 9 o’clock appointment. The door was locked, and there’s no window to see if anyone is inside. This isn’t the first time this has happened, so I stand and wait to see if anyone will come along and open the door. Just two minutes later, my wife calls my cell and tells me that the dentist left a message on the answering machine at home. Apparently an emergency came up and the dentist can’t see me today. Oh well, that’s only the second time in a row that she’s cancelled on me.

My plan from that point was to drive to the nearest Peet’s and get something to eat for breakfast. I often drink an iced mocha from Starbucks, since they are close to home, but my friend at work considers Peet’s to be far superior. So, I planned ahead and had a map to Peet’s from the dentist’s office. Just five minutes later I found the store and was surprised to see it was packed with people. I ordered my usual iced mocha and a pastry. The barrista handed me my drink saying, “Here you go, doll”. The mocha was the best I’ve ever had. It redefined what I now expect of a good coffee drink.

First, the Peet’s mocha actually tastes like coffee. “Imagine that,” my friend says. Sure, make fun. Apparently the coffee drinks at Starbucks are low on flavor and high on caffeiene, so it’s not surprising that the high quality coffee at Peet’s tastes better. And the chocolate (what makes a mocha a mocha) was delicious. I wanted to lick the bottom of the cup, it was that good. From now on, I will hold Starbucks in their proper place—a stopgap measure to be employeed only out of desperation. Now if only Peet’s could open a store within a mile of my home, I’d be all set.