This week has seen a lot more spending of money than I had planned on. First we bought a new bed to keep the baby from hurting herself if/when she rolls off (more on that another time). Then we got a new wardrobe to make up for having small closets, which took me four days to construct, by the way. Lastly there was the cat’s surgery. Smiley managed to get a nasty gash on his head from fighting with Roly, the neighborhood bully. That was a hefty $330 to clean and sew up his head. He’s got two more visits coming up, one to remove the seton and the other to remove the sutures. To keep him safe for a few days we had planned on keeping him locked in the house. That didn’t go too well. He urinated in a couple of places to let us know how displeased he was. He won that battle, he has his freedom again. He just better not get scratched again.

To make money matters worse, we have the big kitchen remodeling coming up. To start with, the plumbing work will be $4,000 at a minimum. Then the new cabinets will cost at least half that much, and the flooring and new appliances have yet to be determined. Still, it will likely be less than what we spent on overhauling the electrical system.